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I was born and raised in Uruguay until I moved to Brazil to complete my highschool education. After graduating I moved on to study in the USA where I'm now a Computer Science major at Oberlin College graduating in May 2018!

I have almost 6 months of industry experience thanks to my two Google internships, where I got to work under the Tools and Infrastructure division, working with some of the world's leading databases and networking protocols. I also enjoy game design, and have worked on about 6 games at this point.

I created this website mostly to display some of the games I've worked on, and below you can find the three that I'm most proud of!


Roy G. Biv

Roy. G. Biv is a game I worked on while studying abroad in Copenhagen during the Spring of 2017. This is a standard 2D plataformer where you must channel the power of different colors to get through a treacherous obstacle course.

I developed this game alongside: Monica Nimmagadda, Peter Rentzepis and Andrew Ragan!


I developed this game alongside 4 other students as our final project for the Game Design course at Oberlin. It's a 2D dungeon crawler with randomly generated levels, in which you must use only two power (push and pull) to defeat enemies around you through a plethora of enviornmental hazards.

I would consider Exca-Mage my "magnum opus". This is the first game that I put some serious work into. Almost every single asset used in the game (sprites, audio, images) was made by us from scratch.

Sound Design: Natty Baker-Salisbury Engineers: Jack Reynolds, James Capuder and Steven Meyer and me, Juan Bautista Berretta.


Ballin' was also developed abroad in Copenhagen, but this was my first 3D game. The premise is a standard "roll the ball" game, with some twists to spice up the game mechanics and add complexity without being overbearing.

This game was developed alongside: Monica Nimmagadda, Peter Rentzepis and Andrew Ragan!